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Technical Support and Training

Our mission “Service from the Heart” leads us to provide quality service meeting your needs and expectations. The Libero Online Customers Services Centre is also ready to answer your enquiries.

At Libero we talk about doing things in quality. What that means in practice is that we have a healthy appetite for perfection; we will always try to find a way to offer a better price and service, even when some of our competitors might say no.

We have a strong network of offices throughout China, which means companies can deal with a local contact who understands their business, but who is also empowered to make decisions, rather than having to refer everything to head office.

“Do what you want and do what you need” is the tenet of Libero. We will serve you wholeheartedly without any distance.

Libero understands that customers need fast and high-quality service. Customers are welcome to contact our customer service specialists at any time. The offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou also have instrument display areas, where someone will introduce and demonstrate various hot-selling and latest instruments for you. Customers are welcome to visit and advise, please contact the sales representative to make an appointment.

Libero has focused on functional testing equipment for more than 20 years and is committed to providing testing solutions. In a drastically changing environment, we will continue to improve our service operations and continue to pursue better performance, so as to exceed your expectations for the first time and every time.

Purchase consultation and supporting
We listen carefully to your needs and provide diversified testing solutions to fully meet your daily measurement needs and help you master product quality.

Operation training
Provide operation training services. Libero’s application engineers demonstrate the operation process and operation methods of the instrument and the system, so that the operator can understand the operation principle, use method and daily maintenance procedures of the instrument.

Laboratory design
With more than 20 years of experience, Lippo has successfully assisted many multinational companies to design and establish laboratories through our professional knowledge.

Our design specialists often exchange the latest testing technology concepts and requirements with customers and experts in different fields in the textile industry, in order to formulate the most suitable laboratory construction plan for the customer’s environment and standard needs.

Training on testing concepts, procedures and laboratory management
In order to let the internal staff of the company have a clearer understanding and understanding of product quality control and laboratory management, Libero provides relevant training services to enable customers’ quality control teams and laboratories to have a better understanding of technical strength, testing experience and testing capabilities. Achieve higher quality.

Repair and Calibration

Libero Application Specialists and Engineers work closely with customers to provide application and technical support for a variety of needs.

From developing application specific products and systems to installation, product training and post-sale support, our Technical Support Staff can help you meet your application needs.

Please contact our engineers us for more information.

Calibration Certificates
We provide calibration certificates.

Calibration Services
Regular maintenance and calibration of your instrument is essential to ensure optimum performance. Once calibrated, instruments and systems are returned with calibration certificates and sealed with a label indicating the date of calibration. All calibrations are performed in our state-of-the-art Calibration Laboratory and are traceable to NIST.

Inspection and Repair Services
Get your product fix is fast and easy.
You can either visit our Customer Care Center or use our Pickup and Delivery Service. We will pickup the product from your home or office. Inspect and get it fixed, then deliver back to you.

Authorization qualification

As a quality inspection equipment company, Libero attaches great importance to quality. For more than 30 years, we have obtained the exclusive or distribution agency rights of a number of internationally renowned professional instrument companies in Hong Kong and China, and have been designated as authorized maintenance and calibration providers for different manufacturers.

Our company and services have been recognized by manufacturers and issued certificates. These are the pride of Libero and the driving force behind Libero’s continuous leadership and dedicated service over the years.

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Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter

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