Computer color measuring instrument is a kind of high-precision optical testing equipment, which is used for digital and quantitative measurement of the color of objects. With the passage of time, due to the aging of the measurement circuit and the performance of the measurement optical path, the measurement error gradually increases, resulting in uncertainty in the test result, and a negative impact on the color matching work. At this time, the instrument needs to be calibrated. Through calibration, you can know whether the instrument you are using is normal and whether the measurement accuracy is still within the standard range.

The “maintenance service” of the computer color measuring instrument is a service launched by our company to help customers confirm and solve the abnormal measurement error of the instrument, and help customers solve a series of problems caused by abnormal measurement errors. Through this service, our company’s engineers will conduct a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the instrument, and use a set of standard color swatches (this color swatch will be sent back to the original manufacturer every year for recalibration) to confirm and adjust the readings of the instrument. Ensure that the measurement error of the instrument is within the standard range. Our company also provides a calibration certificate. There are two types of services:

  1. General service: According to the actual requirements of customers, carry out maintenance and calibration or repair services for the color measurement and color matching instrument of the calculator from time to time;
  2. VIP service: provide annual regular maintenance and calibration services; emergency repair services; if you need to replace parts during the repair process, you can enjoy a 10% discount.

Generally, it needs to be calibrated once a year. However, if the instrument is used in a poor environment, such as large temperature changes, more dust, and very frequent use, we recommend that you perform calibration twice a year.