All instruments are electromechanical structures. During use, mechanical devices will wear and electrical performance will change. These factors will cause the instrument’s measurement accuracy to decrease, make the measurement results inaccurate, and have a responsible impact on the actual work. . So, how can we solve this problem? That is to calibrate the instrument again. Through calibration, the instrument can return to the normal measurement accuracy, so as to avoid the impact on your work caused by the inaccurate measurement results of the instrument.

Instrument maintenance service is a service launched by our company for Swiss Textest users. It can perform maintenance and calibration on the instruments produced by Textest, and provide calibration certificates. There are two types of services:

  • General service: According to the actual requirements of customers, the instrument will be maintained and corrected or repaired from time to time;
  • VIP service: provide annual regular maintenance and calibration services; emergency repair services; if you need to replace parts during the repair process, you can enjoy a 10% discount.

Our company is Textest’s exclusive agent in China, and dispatches engineers to carry out strict training in the original factory, and has a set of special calibration tools provided by the original factory (the set of tools is regularly sent back to Switzerland for traceability), so we can provide the same as the original factory High-quality service, solve problems for all Textest users.

Our company can calibrate Textest instruments as follows:

  • Air permeability tester: FX-3300, FX-3300 II, FX-3300 III, FX-3360
  • Hydrostatic pressure tester: FX-3300 II, FX-3300 III
  • Tear performance tester: FX-3750
  • Airbag performance tester: FX-3350

Calibration is required at least once every two years to confirm whether the accuracy of the instrument you are using is within the standard range.