Please refer to <X-Rite Color iQC and Color iMatch Software Installation Steps and Precautions “Text Version>.

Please perform the following troubleshooting first:

  1. Ask the IT administrator whether your user name has the authority to be changed. If the authority is changed, please log in to the administrator authority to test whether the software is normal. If it is normal, it means the authority is a problem;
  2. Ask the operator whether the computer time has been changed, or check whether the computer time (year, month, day) is normal, if not, please change it;
  3. Check whether the startup optimization function of “360 Security Guard” is used, and check whether there is Crypserv.exe among the prohibited startup items, and set it to automatically start after booting;
  4. If “360 Security Guard” is not installed, please go to: Control Panel-“Management Tools-“Services -” to check whether the Crypserv.exe project is prohibited from starting, set it to start automatically, and then restart the computer;</ li>
  5. If there is no prompt of activation code loss, but the software is opened and then automatically closed, and you cannot see any setup or ID input page, please delete the following file: D:\Color_iControl\System\Sensors.archive or C:\Color_iControl\ System\Sensors.archive and then reopen the software to try;
  6. If the above operation does not solve the problem, please consult the service personnel of the software company to obtain the iMatch/iQC re-registration application form.